Book A DJ Kerry

Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

Terms of Booking

1 – When you complete an enquiry form on the website (, you will receive an email with a quotation and all relevant details about your booking enquiry.

2 – All quotations are valid for 10 days from the date of issue.

3 – To secure a booking, a booking deposit must be paid, processed, and then you will receive an email confirmation.

4 – All booking deposits are non-refundable.

5 – Balance payments are strictly due on or before the date of performance, unless otherwise specified.

6 – Once a booking has been confirmed, dates cannot be moved.

7 – It is agreed and understood that in the event of any dispute, this contract shall be interpreted under and according to the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

8 – Book A DJ Kerry is a party to each contract and accepts responsibility for its obligations under the terms of each individual agreement, including the obligation to pay the contracted fee to the artist when it is due, except in cases where specified in that contract, (i.e. where specified and agreed in the contract that the client is obliged to pay the artist on completion of the agreed entertainment on the agreed date of the event/function).

9 – When acting as an employment agency, Book A DJ Kerry cannot accept responsibility for non-fulfillment or breach of any third-party contract, but every reasonable safeguard is assured. Wherever possible in such cases, Book A DJ Kerry will make every reasonable effort to replace the agreed entertainment or artist with one of similar price and quality.

10 – Cancellation of any confirmed booking/contract negotiated is not possible without the agreement of all concerned parties. In the event of the client canceling the performance within 10 days to the event date, Book A DJ Kerry will be entitled to 100% cancellation fee + VAT, and reimbursed any other costs incurred.

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